My Computer Build.

Building a pc can be tricky but with a price point around $700 you can build the same thing that I will be building. Nice for high end gaming and high end video editing. And if you need help getting started check out Chris’s Post, Computer From Scratch 101

So here is the build.

The Case

I have chosen a Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Mid-ATX case.
Designed with military grade metal and cooling system, it will keep all your computer parts at a nice cool running level.
The Motherboard
For the motherboard, I have chosen a mid-line motherboard great for gaming but still available at a low price. The ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Z68 1155 motherboard supporting Intel and AMD processors.

The Processor

For my processor, I have chosen the Intel i5 2500k Sandy Bridge 3.7 GHz turbo boost quad core. Providing excellent speed and durability, it also comes equipped with an onboard graphics card if you are looking to save some money and not buy a dedicated card.


The Graphics Card

For the graphics card, I am using the Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 460 (fermi) 1GB DDR5. It is the earlier model of GTX 560 and is  capable of running games on the mid-high settings.


For the RAM, I chose a reasonable priced 8GB DDR3 240 pin by G. Skill. I’m using the RipJaws series.

The Hard Drives

For the hard drives I chose a different path than most. To start, I used a 64GB Crucial SSD to use to boot into the OS and to keep my most played games on. For the second hard drive, I used a Western Digital 1TB Caviar Green HDD to keep all other applications and files on.

The DVD Drive (optional but recommended)

For the DVD drive, I chose a fairly priced $22 lightscribe DVD burner from Lite-On.

And last but not least, The Power Supply

I chose a Diablotek UL series, 775Watt PSU. Which provides a little extra power for wiggle room when upgrading.

Thanks for taking the time to read, always remember to upgrade your power supply as upgrade your parts to prevent burnouts and power shortages.

Your base price point will increase as you add more components.


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